Archery Club

Instructor: Jonathan Bukva (


Please see the link below for Archery Summer Camp 2021.

Summer Camp 2020 - Muddy Boots

50-50 Challenge

10 meters - completed
Rhea Thakker (RRMS)
Connor Sweeney (RRMS)
Alex Harrison (BHS)
Advi Vallaban (RRMS)
Hayley Thurston (RRMS)
Cole Clapper (BHS)
Keili Sengbusch (Clarksburg HS - MD)
Lacey Hudson (Reagan)
Faith Crawford (Southern MD Christian Academy)
Tali Schlenoff (Clarksburg HS - MD)
Hannah Crawford (Southern MD Christian Academy)
Anya Thakker (Reagan)
James Kim (Reagan)

15 meters:
Alex Harrison (Battlefield)

Advi Vallaban (Reagan)

Faith Crawford (Southern MD Christian Academy)


Alex Harrison (Battlefield)

Advi Vallaban (Reagan)

Faith Crawford (Southern MD Christian Academy)


(updated 8/29/19)

The archery club will be starting the week of September 9th. Thank you for your patience as I get the fall sports on their way before moving into archery. 

The archery club meeting dates will be found in the "Archery dates 19-20" file below. Other information can also be found in that document. All tournament dates are projected dates. Archery club participants will meet with the club once a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays). Due to the large number of anticipated club members, we have to break the club into 3 groups.

All equipment will be provided by the school. Students are not required to bring anything to club meetings. Personal equipment can be used if it is the same equipment the school uses.

There is a club permission slip below. Please use the following link to choose your preferred club date and then submit the permission slip to Mr. Bukva. Turn in the permission slip as well as register online.

If you have any questions about the archery club, please email Mr. Bukva at