Art Club
Sponsor: Ms. Osburn osburnme@pwcs.edu

We will create pieces of art that are beyond the scope of what we create in art class. Focus will be placed on developing artistic skills and creating a portfolio of original, personal artwork. Students will work with glass, clay, acrylic paint, and other various media.

Permission forms will be available in Room#1423 (Ms. Osburn’s art room) starting Wednesday, September 18th.  Space is limited since this is a very popular club.  To join the art club, you must hand in a completed permission form, a pencil drawing from direct observation (on the provided paper), and $20 for materials.  Completed permission forms, drawing, and the materials fee will be due by Wednesday, September 25.  Only complete permission forms including the drawing on the provided paper, and materials fee will be accepted.  If the club fills up before you hand in your permission form, drawing, and materials fee, you will not be able to join.  Please email Ms. Osburn at osburnme@pwcs.edu with questions. 

Meeting Time: Every Thursday 3:00- 4:30

Location: Art Room 1423