Megan Reed


3/27/20: UPDATE

Hello all! I miss you all already, but I'm really excited that you get this opportunity to get engaged in a good book! Since we’ve been doing independent reading all year round, this should not be anything new, but it's a great way to practice your reading skills. All of the necessary resources for our virtual learning can be found in the "Files and Documents" tab, then, "Virtual Learning". Should you have any issues, feel free to email me at
ReedME@pwcs.edu. Happy reading! Can't wait to hear all about it 😊. 

Additional Resources: http://www.pwcs.edu/academics___programs/home_learning

Although PWCS is unable to provide instruction or class assignments to students while schools remain closed, our School Division hopes that the suggestions for optional learning activities posted here will help parents support student learning until schools re-open. Please remember that use of these materials and participation in these activities are optional and neither grades nor course credit will be awarded.  

My Schedule:
P1: 8th Grade Language Arts with Miss French
P2: Office Hours
P3: 6th Grade Social Studies with Mrs. Gulley
P5: 8th Grade Language Arts with Mrs. Carlson
P6: 8th Grade Civics with Mr. Sharek
P7: 8th Grade Language with Miss French

Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts! Mrs. Carlson and I are so excited to have you in our classroom, and as a part of our team! This is my 3rd year being a part of the RRMS 8th grade family. Prior to teaching in PWCS, I worked in Fairfax County for 5 years. I absolutely love being an educator and supporting our students. I am firm believer in a team-based approach, and welcome communication.

In our classroom, students have the opportunity to read and write during every class period, as we support their analytical and critical thinking skills throughout our curriculum. Our hope is to inspire our students, and help to foster a love for literacy!

Office Hours: I am available to meet from 10:00am - 10:45am Monday-Wednesday, by appointment.